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2003 November

2003 Article

Sky over Kyoto Rei's Japan Trip 2003 Observations (write-up)
Includes observations on current Japanese culture and how it got to where it is, cultural trivia, extra information, links to pictures and history explanations on the 'net, etc.

2003 Photo Index by Locale

(Includes text commentary for each general area, as well as for each photo. Note: these are a sampling of some of the better photos I took. I believe I took well over 700 photos in just over 2 weeks. In a previous trip I took nearly 2 hours of video, but I have since concluded it's simply easier to post photos than video on the 'net.)

golden Kinkakuji temple

Tokyo and Vicinity

General Tokyo views
Trains, train stations, Tokyo at night, garbage truck, Mito natto, more.....
Tokyo shopping (including Asakusa Temple)
Electronics store, toilet seat, department store, Asakusa Temple, more!
More Tokyo views ***New 01/2004***
Including special traditional Japanese foods (the original curry pan, plus a traditional street vendor), the famous Mitsukoshi flagship department store, fields, and a melon cream soda....

Nagano and Vicinity

Nagano and Nearby Towns
Lunch at Nagano, a wartime kids' toy, mountain views, hotspring hotel and luxury meal!
Tanaka Honke Museum Garden (near Nagano)
The garden was absolutely stunning... check out the chrysanthemums!


General Kyoto
Kyoto street scenes, Kyoto Station (eki), Astroboy, Osaka, hotel pictures, and yes, one of those famous Japanese FAKE FOOD DISPLAYS!
Nijoujou castle, Sanjuusangendo Temple, and Kiyomizu Temple
Home of the shogunate, plus night time temple scenes and Kyoto shops.
Tenryuuji (temple) and the famous Ryoanji (Zen garden temple)
Beautiful vast gardens, some rare temple interior shots, drum, bell, bamboo, live lotuses, and THE famous Zen sand garden (actually gravel).
Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, Toji, and Daisenin
The literally golden Golden Pavillion, the not so silver Silver Pavillion, a mysterious stuffed animal, the millennium-old back of the 10-yen coin, 5 story pagoda, and a real live Buddhist abbot!

Special Collections

The super cool MANHOLE COVER collection!
You won't see these kinds of photos in just ANYONE's tourist photo collection....

Food (and Drink) Pictures
Photos strongly related to food and drink, all taken from the above web pages and collected in one place.

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